Quiz on Life Style for Environment

Quiz Gov Of India

Environment and its conservation is one of the current concerns of the world today. India is committed to protection of our mother earth and sustainable development. Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi stresses for ‘one word movement,’ LI.F.E (Life Style for Environment) as a mass movement of environmental conscious life style for a harmonious life. The quiz on Life Style for Environment (Li.F.E.) aims at enabling young learners like you in school to be conscious of the environment in which we live and the need to protect and sustain for our good and for our future generations to inherit to be passed on to generation after generations.

The main objectives of the quiz competition are to

1.      Create an awareness on the importance of protecting our environment and its need for human coexistence;

2.      Promote an understanding among citizens about the Millennium Development Goals  and  sustainable development and their role in an environment friendly life;

3.      To learn about India’s initiative on environmental concerns globally and India’s role in the G20 for the protection of our environment.

4.      To enable citizens to critically reflect and act on the current environmental situation across the globe and to lead a life for sustainable development

The 10 Question asked in the Quiz are as follows

Q 1 – Which of the following gases is responsible for bleaching of plants?

Q 2 – What is green architecture?

Q 3 – Which of the following chemical is responsible for the addiction to tobacco?

Q 4 – The issue of disposing of solid waste can be mitigated by?

Q 5 – In order to reduce air pollution, the government comes up with different measures. Which of the following is NOT related to such measures?

Q 6 – Which of the following activity is accountable for air pollution?

Q 7 – Which of the following contributes the least in indoor air pollution?

Q 8 – Which of the following water disinfecting procedures results in maximum wastage of water?

Q 9 – Biomedical wastes such as masks, bandages, surgical gloves, etc., should be?

Q 10 – The most fuel-intensive modes of transport from the following is ?