Quiz on Indian Military History

As a part of Independence Day Celebrations 2023, the Ministry of Defence in collaboration with MyGov is organizing an online quiz competition on ‘Indian Military History’ in an effort to instil a sense of patriotism among the youth and masses.

Salient Features:
1. The quiz will in bilingual format i.e., in Hindi and English.
2. Duration of the quiz will be 5 minutes (300 seconds), during which a maximum of 10 questions can be answered.
3. All the participants will get an E-certificate.

1st Prize: Rs. 25,000 /-
2nd Prize: Rs. 15,000 /-
3rd Prize: Rs. 10,000 /-
Consolation Prizes (Seven): Rs. 5,000 /- each

10 Question Asked in the Quiz are given below

Q-1 When did the Sino-Indian War take place?

Q-2 What was the primary objective of the Indian Navy during the 1971 war?

Q-3 How many infantry battalions were there in the Indian Army by 1908? / 1908?

Q-4 Which Indian Army divisions engaged the Germans and Italians in the Western Deserts ?

Q-5 How many Indian troops defended the post at Rezang La?

Q-6 What was the objective of the Pakistani Army in the Kargil War?

Q-7 Which operation was launched by the Indian Navy during the 1971 Indo-Pak war?/ 1971 ?

Q-8 Which helicopters were supplied by the Indian Air Force during the MONUC mission ?

Q-9 What was the initial aircraft inventory of the Indian Air Force’s ‘A’ Flight?

Q-10 What was the name of the Indian army battalion that defended Rezang La?